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Terms & Conditions


You are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions. Great World Travel Pte Ltd shall be referred to as "Company" in the terms and conditions below.


  1. A reservation is made upon the payment of deposit amount as specified below. This deposit forms part of the final payment. Balance payment is to be paid in full to the Company fourteen (14) days before departure. Failure to comply with this may result in automatic cancellation of reservation and forfeiture of deposit.
  2. The Company reserves the right to recover any outstanding arrears via other avenues, not excluding Collection Agencies or legal avenues, in the event that full payment is not received. You may contact our sales person at our office during office hours for any issues pertaining to outstanding areas.

Deposit for Groups Tour Package

A deposit is require upon booking, minimum deposit per passenger are :
Tour Package Deposit Amount / Per Person
All Destination 50% of the tour fare

Deposit for FIT Package 

Package Deposit Amount / Per Person
The Company Package 50% of the tour fare
Consortium Package 75% of the tour fare
Promotional Package 100% of the tour fare
Cruise Package minimum $1,000 / person or 100% whichever is lower
Air ticket, Theme Park Ticket and Rail Pass 100% payment upon Booking
3rd party Package
eg. Insight Vacations, Trafalgar Tours, Contiki Holidays
$500/ person upon booking and full payment at least 45 days prior to tour departure date. If less then 45 days full payment is required upon booking.


  1. Cancellation of bookings from passengers must be made in writing and received by the Company. The cancellation fee stated below applies.
  2. Cancellation Fee

    The cancellation charges below only apply to tours operated by the Company, For tour products or individual components supplied by third party(ies) eg. Insight Vacations, Trafalgar Tours, Contiki Holidays, train services, air tickets, hotel bookings, etc., cancellation fee under the terms and conditions of the third party(ies) shall apply with a handling fee of S$50 per service per passenger.

    Cancellation & amendment polices:

    Period of Cancellation Notice Tour Package/ Tour Package (air ticket issued) Travel Fair/ Roadshow / Special Promotion / Chartered Flight Bookings
    35 Days and above S$300 or Cost of air ticket which ever is higher S$300 or Cost of air ticket which ever is higher
    22-34 Days S$500 or Cost of air ticket which ever is higher 75% of Tour Fare
    08-21 Days 50% of Tour Fare 100% of Tour Fare
    04-07 Days 75% of Tour Fare
    03 Days and less 100% of Tour Fare

    Promotional Air Ticket: No extension of ticket, no amendments is allowed once ticket issued. There is no refund value on the air ticket.

    Non-promotional Air Ticket: Subject to amendment charges from the Airline & the Company. Any amendment is subject to seats availability, taxes and airfare differences (if any).  

  3. Cancellation of Tour by Company

    At times, due to low participation for a tour package or when the arrangement cannot be confirmed, the Company may choose to cancel the entire tour prior to its commencement. The Company shall notify you of the cancellation at least fourteen (14) days in advance for tours of more than 6 days in duration or eight (8) days in advance for tours of 6 days and less, excluding departure date. The Company may, if it so chooses, recommend alternative tours preferably to the same destination or other tours to you, based on the tour fare of that period. Should you decide not to accept the alternatives; all refunds will be paid to you within two (2) weeks to a month. However, during the peak period, refunds may take around six weeks to be paid.


The tour fare includes return economy class group tour air ticket, airport transfers (if any), accommodation on a twin-sharing arrangement otherwise single room supplement charges apply, admission fees, meals and sightseeing programmes as stipulated in the tour itinerary (the duration of the tour package includes the day of scheduled departure and the day of scheduled return and neither of these are full days).


The tour fare excludes airport taxes, airport security tax, airline insurance surcharges, airline fuel surcharges, visa fees, port tax, service fees as specified by the airline or airport authorities, where applicable custom user fees, Nordic environment tax, all domestic flights (for land tour packages), excess baggage charges, room service, beverage charges, laundry charges, travel insurance, gratuities to drivers/tour guides/leaders, tips to hotel porter and all items of personal nature.


A child fare is applicable to children below 12 years of age on the date of scheduled departure from Singapore. The child fare is based on a twin-sharing accommodation arrangement with two adults and no additional bed will be provided. A surcharge will be imposed where an extra bed is required for the child or where the child occupies a room with only one adult, and the Company's staff would be pleased to assist you in making enquiries on the applicable surcharges.


  1. General Amendments

    Any amendments (excluding departure date, tour type or air-tickets) made by passenger after reservations have been confirmed, an administrative fee of at least S$100 per person per amendment will be imposed by the Company. This applies to both tour packages and free and easy packages only.

  2. Amendments to Departure Date and Tour Type

    For amendments in departure date or tour type, cancellation charges as above will apply.

  3. Amendments to Flights/Air-Tickets

    As the ticket issued is a special ticket restricted to the specified airline only, it is non-negotiable, non -reissuable, non-refundable and not re-routable. A charge of S$125 per ticket will be levied for any amendment of air tickets once issued. Any alteration of the routing or change of date by the passenger is solely at own risk. No refund will be made for any unused air ticket.

    For tour members to amend returning flight to a later date, this change is subjected to airlines' conditions, ticket validity, additional charges and seat availability, etc. Any additional charge imposed by the airline will be borne by the passenger. For tours operated on chartered flights, no extension/deviation will be permitted.

  4. Amendments to Tour Itinerary/Flight Schedule by Company

    The Company reserves the right to make changes at any time due to unforeseen circumstances without compensation, especially during peak season.


  1. Refund of Deposit for cancellation

    Upon cancellation, the Company will refund the deposit paid according to charges stipulated on section 2.2. All refunds will be paid to you within two (2) weeks to a month. However, during the peak period, refunds may take around six weeks to be paid.

  2. Refund on Tour Packages if tour unable to confirm

    The Company acts as an agent for the service suppliers. After a deposit or full payment is made, all arrangements are still subject to confirmation. ln the event that the reservation cannot be confirmed, the Company will endeavour to notify you two (2) weeks prior to the departure date and a refund of the deposit or the tour fare will be made if the reservation is cancelled as a result of the inability to confirm the reservation. In case of credit card payment, refunds will be made through the credit card company. The Company shall not be liable for such cancellation, save that the Company shall make the necessary refund of deposits or tour fare set out herein. All refunds will be paid to you within two (2) weeks to a month. However, during the peak period, refunds may take around six weeks to be paid.

  3. Refund on Air Tickets

    The Company acts as an agent for the airlines. All refund on Air Tickets may take around 1 to 3 months depending on individual airlines.

  4. Refund for payment made via credit cards

    For payment made by credit cards, refunds will be made through the credit card company, approximately within 4 to 6 weeks, or approximately two months, during the peak periods.


Payment may be made in Singapore Dollars by cash, fund transfer, cheques or credit cards. Cheques will only be accepted if presented to the Company at least 7 working days prior to departure date.

For payments by travel vouchers, all terms & conditions stipulated on the travel vouchers have to be met before it can be accepted as a mode of payment.


Any special requests such as special meals, dietary requirements, adjoining rooms, accommodation requirements, etc. shall be communicated to the Company upon making a reservation. Please note, however, that such requests are subject to availability and confirmation by the Company.


  1. In the event that the accommodation stipulated in the tour itinerary or special accommodation arrangements as requested for are not available, every effort will be made by the Company for alternative accommodations of similar standard.
  2. Single Supplement

    If you wish to occupy a single room, you are required to pay a single supplement, amount as indicated in the tour booking form.


Arrangement of travel insurance coverage is strongly recommended for trip cancellation, loss of deposit, baggage, personal accident, injury, illness, etc. Under no circumstances shall the Company be constructed as a carrier under a contract of carriage of a passenger and of his/her baggage and other personal belongings. The Company's staff will be please to assist you in making enquiries relating to travel insurance.


Meals, including meals on board flights, are as indicated in the tour brochures and booking forms. If meals on board are not served, due to whatever reasons, there shall be no refund or replacement.


  1. You shall ensure that you have a valid international passport with a minimum 6 (six) months' validity from the date of scheduled return to Singapore and have at least 4 blank pages side by side. Prior to the scheduled departure date, you shall obtain the relevant valid visas and health certificates which may be required at the destinations of travel in the tour itinerary.
  2. Visa

    Different embassies/consulates require varying lengths of time to process visa applications. However it is passenger’s SOLE responsibility to ensure that he/she has a valid visa for travel to countries that require it, regardless whether the Company was engaged to apply for the visa. Please check with our sales office regarding your visa requirement at least 2 months before your intended trip to ensure visa requirement is fulfilled. However cancellation charges apply should your visa is not approve. The Company will not be responsible for any expenses, reimbursement or refund of any tour fare if the passenger is deported or refused entry by Immigration Authorities on the tour for whatever reasons, including improper travel documents, quarantine, custom regulations, and possession of unlawful items or irregularities that may cause harm/damage to person or property. Passengers are solely responsible for ensuring that they have all their valid travel documents (passport, Visa etc)

  3. Where applicable, you shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary exit permits from the relevant authorities including but not restricted to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Singapore, valid for the duration of the tour itinerary. It is recommended to register yourself with Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding your trip.


Each passenger is entitled to a check-in baggage allowance of up to twenty (20) kilogrammes and one (1) piece of hand-held baggage as may be permitted by the carriers. Charges imposed by carriers for baggage in excess of such allowances shall be borne by you. In the event that your baggage is damaged or lost through the willful negligence of the Company's staff, the maximum liability of the Company for each piece of such lost or damaged baggage will be S$200. The Company is not responsible for hand-held baggage. In the event of a claim for such damaged or lost baggage, you shall not duplicate your claim against any other Parties including but not limited to travel insurance companies, hotels, carriers and other transportation companies.


An extension of stay and or deviation may be permitted at the final foreign destination and at the end of the tour itinerary, subject to the maximum validity and restrictions of the air ticket issued to you and the availability of a confirmed return flight and accommodation for you, prior to the scheduled date of departure. It is your responsibility to hold a confirmed seat for your return flight. In the event that the requested extension of stay and or deviation cannot be confirmed two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled departure date, you shall be deemed to be participating in the tour package according to the original tour itinerary and under such circumstances the costs or charges imposed, if any, shall be borne by you. Any extension of stay and or deviation will be at your own expenses and transfers to the airport will not be provided. For tour packages involving chartered flights, no extension of stay and or deviation shall be permitted.


For the convenience of all members of the tour group, you may be requested to rotate your seating arrangements on the tour coach or other land transport during the period of the tour itinerary. Please cooperate when called upon to do so by the tour leader or tour guide.


  1. The Company acts as agent for the carriers, transportation companies, hotels and other principals of the tour packages. The Company accepts no responsibility for any injury caused to you, loss or expenses incurred by you and damage to your belongings where the Company has not been negligent nor in breach of any duty and or where the aforementioned injury, loss, expenses and or damage results directly or indirectly from any occurrence beyond the Company's control and or including but not limited to the breakdown of equipment, strike, delay, weather, medical reasons, theft, quarantine regulation, customs regulations, cancellation, changes in the tour itinerary and or flight and or other transport schedules, deportation and or refusal of entry by immigration authorities resulting from the possession of illegal and or unlawful items and or holding invalid travel documents and or behaviour and or activities are considered as subversive by the foreign government concerned.
  2. The failure of the client to follow reasonable instructions including but not limited to check-in and or check-out places and or times or other causes and the losses and or expenses resulting thereform shall be borne by the client. All necessary travel documents shall be the responsibility off the person participating in the tour packages.
  3. Declare of the taxable items shall be the responsibility of the person participating in the tour package.
  4. The Company reserves the right to:
    1. Alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements, accommodation due to unforeseen changes in flight or other transportation schedules, conditions in the countries of travel or transit according to the tour itinerary or upon the occurrence of a force majeure event and such alteration may be made as deemed appropriate by the Company with or without prior notice to you.
    2. To cancel any reservations prior to departure for reasons including but not limited to the insufficient number of participants the occurrence of which would require the deposit or tour fare to be refunded without further obligation on the part of the company, upon your surrender to the Company of all documents issued by Company for the purposes of the tour package. The Company will recommend alternative tours, either to the same destination or other destinations. Should you decide not to accept the alternative, all monies paid by you shall be refunded in full by the Company without further obligations on the part of the Company.
    3. Require any individual to withdraw from the tour if it is deemed that his or her behaviour or conduct is detrimental to or incompatible with the health, safety, interests, harmony and welfare of the other tour participants and the tour group as a whole. Under such circumstances, the Company shall be under no liability thereafter to any such person.
    4. To specify the language(s) in which the tour guide will conduct commentary in.
    5. No tour guides, tour leaders or other employees or agents of the Company are authorized to commit the Company to any liability whatsoever and the Company shall not be bound by any statement or representation unless it is in writing and signed by a Management Executive of the Company.
    6. All tour fares for the respective tour packages are correct at the time of reservation. The company reserves the right to revise the tour fares and to determine the date of commencement of such revised tour fares. No refund will be made to any person for unused air tickets or for unconsumed meals and associated tour arrangements or accommodation not used in part or in full.


These terms and conditions shall not be amended or waived except by written agreement between you and the Company.


Any complaint and or claim shall be submitted in writing within fourteen (14) days from the date of return to Singapore on the last day of the tour itinerary, for the company's investigation. No responsibility is accepted in respect of any complaint and or claim not so made.


The Company will consider every transaction as confidential matter and not disclose any information without your permission, unless as required by law.

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